Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

       Standing Firm On The Eternal Word Of God In Shifting Times (Isaiah 40:8)     

Specialty Programming

  • Pastoral Care

  • The James F. Wertz Oratorical Contest and Scholarship Awards

  • Usher Essay Contest and Scholarship Awards

  • Mid-Year and Annual Sessions

  • Spring Institute

  • Community Outreach

  • Annual Unified Fellowship Banquet

  • Leadership

  • Prison Ministry

What We Offer


Serving God is one of the important principles of our Christian faith and through a variety of professional service platforms we promote spiritual growth, inspiring bible teaching and church training. Our expanded service platform also offers a variety of consulting specialties. 


  • Spiritual Fellowship

  • Ministry, Clergy, Member Services

  • Associate Minister Catechism

  • Speaker Engagements

  • Best Practice Consulting Services

  • Custom Educational Classes

  • Youth Scholarship Opportunities 

  • The Congress of Christian Education

  • Pastoral

  • Laymen’s League

  • Associate Ministers

  • Music Ministry

  • Trustee

  • Deacon

  • Usher

  • Administrative / Associated Technology

  • Focused Ministry Groups For Adults,Youth And Singles

Union (Educational Classes)


  • Associate Minister Catechism

  • Conflict Mediation

  • Onsite Ministry Workshops

  • Finance / Accounting

  • Church Growth

  • Managing and Implementing Change in a Diverse Environment

  • Discipleship Ministry Programs

  • Speaker Referrals

  • Pastoral Search Assistance


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