Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

       Standing Firm On The Eternal Word Of God In Shifting Times (Isaiah 40:8)     

Mission Statement

Mission and Beliefs Statement

"To prepare and equip Wake Missionary Baptist Association pastors, leaders, and disciples for 21st Century ministry and community service to win souls for Christ."

Our Beliefs

The following objectives shall be pursued by the Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Incorporated:

A. To uphold and teach the doctrine of the Baptist Church, the true form of worship and the policy of the Association.

B. To provide the arena and instrumentality for our member churches and auxiliaries to work corporately and cooperatively around the following concerns:

1) Spiritual Fellowship

2) Responding to needs of members and member churches

3) Support Shaw University and Shaw Divinity School

4) Support Home and Foreign Mission

5) Support the Unified Program of the General Baptist State Convention, Incorporated

6) Sponsor a Training Program for member churches

7) Provide Christian and Sympathetic Assistance and Counsel to churches

8) Provide support for an Ordaining Council in it efforts to maintain high Ministerial Standards so that churches in need of Pastors may place confidence in the council's decision

9) To enhance membership socially, politically and economically

10) To acknowledge outstanding achievement of churches and members throughout the Association.


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