Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

       Standing Firm On The Eternal Word Of God In Shifting Times (Isaiah 40:8)     



This body shall be known as the Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Incorporated, a company of Baptist churches in Wake and adjoining counties, (hereafter referred to as the parent body) in affiliation with the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc., in affiliation with National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.




Any Church seeking membership in this Association must meet with the Committee on New Bodies and thereafter present a petition to the Association in Session through delegates appointed for that purpose. This petition must include their intent to subscribe to the Missionary Baptist Faith and Doctrines. Upon reception of such church or organization, the Moderator shall extend to the delegates the right-hand-of-fellowship, on behalf of the Association. This Association shall not maintain fellowship with any church or organization that is not in Gospel Order. Each church connected with the Association may continue its membership by abiding by the Constitution. Former pastors and former members of Wake Association churches and persons who have established an ongoing relationship with Association churches and pastors, who present testimonials of good standing, may become annual members for fellowship purposes only. These persons are not eligible to serve on committees or in any other official capacity. Churches which fail to register for 2 consecutive Annual Sessions shall be visited by a committee appointed by the Moderator to determine the reason and the committee will report its findings back to the Executive Board who will take appropriate actions in relation to those churches continued membership.



The Objectives

The following objectives shall be pursued by the Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Incorporated:

A. To uphold and teach the doctrine of the Baptist Church, the true form of worship and the policies of the Association.

B. To provide the arena and instrumentality for our member churches and auxiliaries to

work corporately and cooperatively around the following concerns:

1) Spiritual Fellowship

2) Responding to needs of members and member churches

3) Support Shaw University and Shaw Divinity School

4) Support Home and Foreign Mission

5) Support the Unified Program of the General Baptist State Convention, Incorporated

6) Sponsor a Training Program for member churches

7) Provide Christian and Sympathetic Assistance and Counsel to churches

8) Provide support for an Ordaining Council in its efforts to maintain high Ministerial Standards so that churches in need of Pastors may place confidence in the council’s decision

9) To enhance membership socially, politically and economically

10) To acknowledge outstanding achievement of churches and members throughout the Association.


Meeting Dates

Section I. Associational Year

A. The Association’s calendar year shall be defined as beginning January 1st and ending December 31st of each year.


Section II. Annual Meeting Date

A The Annual Session of the Association shall meet on Saturday before the third Sunday in August of each year.

B. The Mid-Year Session of the Association shall be held on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in March of each year.

C. The Annual & Mid-Year Sessions shall be held at the location determined by the Time and Place Committee unless otherwise designated by the Executive Board.

These dates may be amended by unanimous consent of the Executive Board, as deemed necessary, and announced by the Mid-year or Annual Session of the Association as applicable.


Section III. Other Meeting Dates

A. The Executive Board shall meet every other month on the Saturday before the third Sunday beginning in September. This meeting shall not be cancelled or changed except in matters of emergencies or events that directly impact the attendance of its members (examples: funerals, GBSC events) in which cases this meeting will be called the following Saturday. The absence of the moderator does not constitute canceling of this meeting.

B. The Union of the Wake Association shall meet each Saturday before the fifth Sunday unless otherwise advised by the Association.




This Association shall be composed of delegates, pastors and members, chosen by the churches connected with it. 

A. An annual assessment for Association churches shall be set at an amount determined by the Executive Board and declared at the Annual Session. All churches are encouraged to pledge beyond assessed amounts. Pledge and assessment funds may be paid at the Annual Session, Mid-Year Session and the Union Sessions.

B. Each church shall be entitled to one (1) delegate for each one hundred (100) members of the church and not to exceed 6 delegates.

Delegate Per Church/Number of Members

1 – 100            1 Delegate

101 – 200        2 Delegates

201 – 300        3 Delegates

301 – 400        4 Delegates

401 – 500        5 Delegates

500 and above 6 Delegates

C. The delegates of each church shall bear a letter certifying their appointment, briefed on the matters of business before the associational body, and given a written report of the spiritual and financial health condition of the church.

D. As the delegate(s) of each church, these said delegate(s) are the only individuals who have official voting rights on matters of business brought before the associational body. All delegates shall be distinguished by the COLOR of their badge.


This Article removed in its entirety. There is no longer any registration fee assessed, individually or church Registration.



Composition of Officers and Executive Board

No two (2) persons from the same church shall serve as a Moderator or President of the Association or its Auxiliaries during the same term. No church shall have more than three (3) persons serving in any official capacity in the Association or its Auxiliaries during the same term. Pastors are considered affiliated with the church they pastor and not their membership church.


Section 1. Officers

The Officers of this Association shall consist of a Moderator, four Vice-Moderators, Clerk, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and Parliamentarian, recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Association at its Annual Session.


Section 2. Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the Association, auxiliary presidents, former moderators, a public relations director, minister of music, webmaster, and six at-large members (selected from each of the six geographical districts) recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Association at its Annual Session. The Ministerial Board shall appoint a nonvoting representative to the Executive Board approved by the Association.


Section 3. Term and Tenure of Office

A. All Officers of this Association and all its auxiliaries’ officers shall serve a term of one year, with tenure not to exceed three consecutive years.

B. At the Annual Session, the Officers and the Board members shall be reaffirmed based on their attendance and performance at all events of the Association and on the recommendation of the Ministerial Board.

C. Upon any changes in administration, the next official Executive Board meeting shall include a transitional session on its agenda.



Responsibilities of Officers, Executive Board Members and Other Boards

All moderators shall be ministers who pastor a church in good standing with this Association. All other persons serving in any capacity within this Association shall be an active member of a Wake Association church in good standing. If the Moderator or any other elected officer shall leave the Association for any reason during their term, their office shall be filled by the next officer serving behind them as practical until such time as an election can be held.


Section 1. Officers

All work of the Officers shall meet with the approval of the Association in session or the Executive Board out of session prior to implementation. The duties of the Officers of theAssociation shall consist of the following responsibilities:

A. Moderator – The Moderator shall open all meetings punctually, preside during the deliberation of the body, abide by and enforce the observance of the constitution, adhere to and enforce the execution of the budget, attend and represent the Association at parent body meetings and called meetings of moderators on the state and national levels, decide all questions of order, giving his opinion concerning any subject under  discussion after others have spoken or when called upon, and give casting vote in the event of a tie. The Moderator shall approve and/or be privy to all major correspondence concerning the Association and its Auxiliaries.

B. First Vice-Moderator – The First Vice-Moderator shall discharge the duties of the Moderator in his/her absence and serve as a liaison to and oversee all auxiliaries. The First  Vice-Moderator shall serve as Chair of the Budget Committee.

C. Second Vice-Moderator – The Second Vice-Moderator shall serve as Moderator in the absence of the Moderator and First Vice-Moderator and oversee and implement the training program for Association ministers.

D. Third Vice-Moderator – The Third Vice-Moderator shall serve as Moderator in the absence of the Moderator and Second Vice-Moderator and coordinate and implement the Fall and Spring Training Institute.

E. Fourth Vice-Moderator – The Fourth Vice-Moderator shall serve as Moderator in the absence of the Moderator and Third Vice-Moderator and coordinate the fellowship efforts to include banquets.

F. Clerk – The Clerk shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Association, oversee and keep on file the printing and distribution of the minute book, give a report of the minutes and the work of the Association out of session, and keep a copy on file of other important papers of the Association.

G. Treasurer – The treasurer shall receive and receipt all money for deposit and make disbursements authorized by the Association’s annual budget or approval through proper voucher procedures. The treasurer shall not pay any order on the treasury except it be written by the financial secretary and signed by the Moderator or First Vice-Moderator. Other Vice Moderators may sign in the absence of either of the first two.

H. Corresponding Secretary – The Corresponding Secretary, as directed by the Moderator or the Executive Board, shall communicate with the churches of the Association.

I. Financial Secretary – The Financial Secretary shall supervise the accounting of and accurately record all money reported to the Association. Upon counting and recording of all money, the financial secretary shall turn over said money to the treasurer for deposit by signed receipt. Any auxiliary that counts and records money collected at an auxiliary function in the absence of the financial secretary and treasurer shall prepare the money for deposit and sign the prepared deposit slip. The respective auxiliary treasurer, president or a moderator shall follow established deposit procedures for overnight deposit or transmission to the treasurer.” All deposit slips shall be signed or initialed by the persons involved in the collections and who count and prepare the money for deposit.

J. Parliamentarian – The Parliamentarian shall direct the Association in its Business Sessions according to “Robert’s Rules of Order” and this Constitution and Bylaws.

K. Historian – The Historian shall collect and archive historical records of the Association and member churches and make a report to each annual meeting of the Association.


Section 2. Other Executive Board Members

The duties of Other Executive Board members of the Association shall consist of the following responsibilities: 

A. Former Moderators – All persons having completed their tenure as moderators of the Association shall serve on the Executive Board as a resource and for their expertise in Association matters. They shall serve in various capacities approved by the Association.

B. Auxiliary Presidents – All Presidents of the Auxiliaries listed in Article XV of the Bylaws shall serve on the Executive Board. They shall be responsible for reporting on their work, plans, calendar, and budget of their Auxiliary for approval by the Association in keeping in line with the policies and guidelines of this Association.

C. Public Relations Director – At the direction of the Association, the Public Relations Director shall communicate all press release(s) to the public and media not later than 30 days prior to all associational events. The Public Relations Director shall receive all associational announcements and prepare the annual association calendar. The Public Relations Director shall coordinate with the Association’s Corresponding Secretary and the auxiliaries’ secretaries for compilation and distribution of this calendar. This calendar shall be made available for distribution to member churches not later than December.

D. Minister of Music – The Minister of Music shall provide music for the Association and its auxiliary’s events as requested. The Minister of Music shall facilitate training for member churches’ music ministries through workshops and other appropriate medium.

The Minister of Music shall attend the music workshops sponsored by parent body and other training as approved by the Association.

E. At-Large Members (6) – On the order of the Association, At-Large Members shall help communicate the interest of the Association to the district churches in which they represent and provide feedback to the Association from said district churches. These members shall serve as voting members of the Executive Board and assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Association.

F. Ministerial Board Representative – In compliance with Article7 Section 2, a representative not serving as a current executive board member shall be named from the Ministerial Board to serve as a nonvoting member of the Executive Board. This representative shall observe and report observations to the Ministerial Board of Executive Board members’ attendance and performance for re-affirmation of executive officers at annual session.

G. Advisor to Laymen’s League – The Advisor shall assist the Executive Board and Laymen president in the guidance and direction of the Laymen’s League of the WMBA. He shall be appointed by the moderator. 

H. Prison Ministry Coordinator – The Prison Ministry Coordinator shall lead this Association to educate, train and bring awareness to crime and incarceration issues to the churches of the Association; to reach out to lives impacted by crime and incarceration by recruiting and training ministers to serve as chaplain/pastors in the jail and prison settings and reconcile them back to God by sharing the gospel and making disciples in obedience to Jesus Christ’s Great Commission; to restore these lives by providing pre-release and reentry ministry support to persons returning to the community; and to collaborate with other ministry groups and organizations to build a coalition of ministry support.

I. Webmaster – The Webmaster shall maintain the Association’s website to ensure that the site’s information is accurate, timely, and in accordance with approved guidelines from the Executive Board.  The Webmaster will serve as the administrator of the WMBA website and will maintain the site by generating and revising web pages. The webmaster will also work closely with the web host vendor to resolve issues or problems. Communication will be made with the Moderator(s) before questionable information is included on the website. 


Section 3. Responsibilities of Executive Board

A. The Executive Board shall serve as trustees for this Association being responsible for:

1. Holding in trust the Association’s property.

2. Upon a specific vote of the Association in session, authorizing each action, they shall have the power to buy, sell, mortgage, rent/lease, or transfer any associational property affixing their signature to any legal document pertaining to any of the above actions or other legal documents related to associational approved matters.

3. Any other responsibilities as determined by the association in session.

B. When not in session, the Executive Board shall execute all matters of business voted and approved by the associational body when in session and report on the status of these actions to the Association when in session.

C. The Executive Board shall notify all churches of matters of business to be voted upon 60 days prior to the mid-year and annual sessions.

D. The Executive Board shall secure yearly an auditor to do an internal audit, to be recommended to the Association, who does not serve as an official of the Association. The auditor shall audit the Association’s combined holdings and its auxiliaries’ financial records and attest his/her annual report to the Association. An external audit shall be performed once every three years to coincide with the changing of the Moderator and Association officers.

E. All other actions pertaining to this Association (officers, auxiliaries) must be presented, voted upon, and approved by the Executive Board before it is implemented. These actions approved by the Executive Board shall be reported to the Association in session for final consideration.

F. The members of the Executive Board shall assume their duties at the first official Executive Board Meeting after the Annual Session, which will be a transitional meeting.

G. The Moderator shall establish an Associational theme for implementation by the Association and its auxiliaries.

H. The Executive Board shall complete the program for the Annual and Mid-year Sessions and the Annual Banquet by its last meeting prior to each session.

I. The Executive Board is empowered to request a meeting with the officers of any auxiliary whose program and actions are inconsistent with those of the Association, and make any necessary recommendations concerning that Auxiliary at the next Annual Session if deemed necessary.


Section 4. Ministerial Board

The Ministerial Board shall consist of a Chairman and twelve (12) members, all who are ordained ministers having been active in this Association at least seven (7) years, demonstrating a doctrinal position consistent with this Association. The responsibilities of this Board shall


A. Catechism for ordination of all ministers recommended by their pastor and church by letter submitted to the Executive Board and to rewrite and update catechism periodically as needed.

B. Select a representative from its Board to serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Board in compliance with Article7 Section 2. This representative shall not be serving as a current Executive Board member. This representative shall observe and report observations to the Ministerial Board of Executive Board members’ attendance and performance and report such to this Board.

C. Report the findings of its representative to the Association at the Annual Session of xecutive Board and Auxiliary officers, and recommend for re-affirmation or change.

D. Serve as committee representatives on the Disciplinary Board for church issues (doctrinal, church order and conflicts.) 

E. Serve in other capacities as determined by the Association.


Section 5. Disciplinary Board

A Disciplinary Board shall consist of not less than nine (9) members, 1/3 of whom shall be appointed from the Ministerial Board including its Chairman. Others are to be named by the Executive Board at its first meeting following the election of new Association officers.  The primary objective of this Board is to assist in bringing resolution to situations that arise within the Association and within Associational churches when requested by an official letter from said church submitted to the Executive Board.

Section 6. Other Boards

This Association shall establish Boards as deemed appropriate for the efficient operation of this Association.




Section 1. Definition

A. Continued fellowship in this association shall be based on persons being in the Gospel Order.

B. Gospel Order shall be considered as any conduct and actions consistent with the teachings, principles and precepts of the Holy Scriptures (Holy Bible).


Section 2. Disciplinary Actions

A. Persons walking disorderly or contrary to the Gospel Order shall have the right-hand-of fellowship withdrawn. Withdrawal of right hand of fellowship is defined as a person or church not having the right to hold any office or a part in the program of service or accommodation for the association or its auxiliaries. The 18th chapter of St. Matthew shall be used to govern and guide any and all disciplinary actions.

B. Upon repentance, persons or churches shall be reconciled and re-extended the right-hand of fellowship. Persons shall then be eligible to serve in an office in any future elections.

Churches reconciled shall be eligible to provide accommodations for the association and its auxiliaries.




There shall be auxiliaries of the Wake Missionary Baptist Association. The following list constitute Auxiliaries of the Wake Missionary Baptist Association:  

1. The Union of the Wake Association

2. The Congress of Christian Education

3. The Woman’s Auxiliary

4. The Usher’s Union

5. The Laymen’s League

6. Senior Citizen Department

7. Youth Auxiliary

Other auxiliaries may be added as deemed necessary by the Association.




This Constitution may be amended by written recommendation presented at the Mid-year or Annual Session and then voted and approved by the majority at the next Mid-year or Annual Session.





Section I. General

There shall be Auxiliaries of the Parent Body of the Wake Missionary Baptist Association. The following shall pertain:

A. All auxiliaries shall submit a written report to each Annual Session, of its planned program, activities and budget for the year.

B. All auxiliaries shall adhere to and implement its program based upon the Association’s annual theme as determined by the Moderator and Executive Board.

C. All auxiliaries shall meet with the Association in its Mid-Year and Annual session.

D. All auxiliary officers and auxiliary appointed committees shall be reviewed annually by the Ministerial Board and reaffirmed by said Board at the Annual Session of the Association. (See Article 7, Section 3B of Constitution)

E. All written articles governing the Auxiliaries shall conform to the Constitution and Bylaws of this Association.  They should also be approved by the Moderator or his/her designate.


Section II. The Union of the Wake Association

A. The objective of the Union shall be primarily to better acquaint ministers, deacons and other members of this Association with the Christian way of life and Baptist doctrine.

B. The Union shall meet in accordance with Article III, of this Constitution.

C. The Officers of the Union shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and an Announcer.


Section III. The Congress of Christian Education

A. The objective of the Congress of Christian Education is to serve as a coordinating body to promote spiritual growth, inspire Bible teaching and church training.

B. The Congress of Christian Education shall meet at least annually at a site previously determined and announced.

C. The elected officers of the Congress shall consist of a President, Vice President, Administrative Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.


Section IV. The Woman's Auxiliary

A. The objective of the Woman’s Auxiliary shall be to aid the Association in the extension of Christ’s Kingdom.

B. The Woman’s Auxiliary shall convene at least annually at a site previously determined and announced.

C. The officers of the Auxiliary shall be a President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Administrative Secretary and Treasurer, and any other officer deemed necessary by the organization, approved by the Association.


Section V. The Ushers' Union

A. The objective of the Ushers' Union shall be to serve as the coordinating body for Usher Board Auxiliaries of member churches and to provide support and training to all churches during special programs hosted by the Association and by individual churches.

B. The elected officers of the Ushers' Union shall consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice - President, Administrative Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer.


Section VI. The Laymen's League

A. The objective of the Laymen’s League shall be to cultivate Christian Mission efforts for all men, both young and old through Biblical precepts and principles, Biblical teaching and training. To assist our men and boys in interpreting the work of the Church and Mission work throughout the county, state, nation and world.

B. The Laymen shall convene its annual meeting at a date determined by the Auxiliary, at a site previously determined and announced.

C. The officers of the Laymen’s League shall be a President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Administrative Secretary and Treasurer.


Section VII. Senior Citizen Department

A. The objectives of the Senior Citizens Department shall be such as determined by the Association.

B. The Senior Citizens shall convene annually at a date determined by the Auxiliary, at a site previously determined and announced

C. The officers of the Seniors Department shall be as determined by the Auxiliary and approved by the Association.



Section VIII. Youth Auxiliary

A. The objectives of the Youth Auxiliary shall be such as determined by the Auxiliary and approved by the Association.

B. The officers of the Youth Auxiliary shall be as determined by the Association.


Article II

Auxiliaries' Finances

Section I. Financial Procedures

A. The moderator or first-vice moderator’s signature, with that of the Financial Secretary, will constitute final authority for the drafting and writing of all checks.

B. All funds collected by the auxiliaries are turned over to the Association's Finance Committee when in session and a receipt given for the same. The Association shall provide, through a budget, necessary funds to lawfully and reasonably support the said auxiliaries as directed by the Parent Body.

C. The treasurer shall not pay out any auxiliary’s budgeted funds except on order written by the financial secretary and signed by the moderator and president of respective auxiliary.

D. The recommended and approved auditor shall audit the accounts of all treasurers of all auxiliaries and make an annual report to the Association.

E. Requisitions shall be used for request of funds to be spent.

F. After the expenses of the Association have been paid, the remaining funds shall be applied to such purpose as the Association, when meeting in session, may direct. The Executive Board shall execute plans adopted by the Association.


Section II. Treasurer Responsibilities

One (1) Receipt Book is to be used at a time and all receipts be numbered. Receipts will be recorded in a ledger in order that the sources of income might be ascertained with ease. The total of any deposit should equal the total of a receipt or series of receipts written that day or that


A Disbursement Ledger shall be used and Expenses be classified, Example: speakers, supplies, travel, printing, benevolence, etc. The checkbook and bank statement shall be reconciled monthly, and a running balance be kept in the checkbook.


Section III. Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of this Association shall run concurrently with the Association’s Calendar Year (See Article IV Section I. of Constitution - Associational Year).




The Executive Board shall serve as the Committee on Committees and appoint all necessary committees as listed below. These committees shall be presented at the Annual session yearly and serve as needed for the Associational Year and prepare their reports to be presented at the appropriate sessions of the Association.

The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board within ninety (90) days of the Annual Session and will provide a slate of officers to serve for the next 3 years, with reaffirmation at the end of each year.  The Committee’s report will be given at the Annual Session, and if approved, new officers will be duly installed before the adjournment of the Annual Session.


1. Committee on Place (Standing Committee)

2. Committee on Admission of the New Bodies (Churches)

3. Resolution Committee

4. Budget Committee (Appointed by Board)

5. Necrology Committee

6. State of Country Committee

7. Hospitality Committee

8. Other Committees may be appointed or elected as needed

The following shall be the general duties of each committee:

1. Committee on Place: It shall be the responsibility of this committee to review and recommend meeting places for all necessary functions of this Association at both the Mid-Year and Annual Session.

2. Committee on Admission of New Bodies (Churches): It shall be the responsibility of this committee to meet with any church seeking membership in this Association to review and inform said church of the procedures, policies and doctrinal position of this Association for admission. Upon completion of these actions this committee shall make recommendations to the Association in session of any church seeking membership.

3. Resolution Committee: This committee shall be responsible for evaluating and taking an overall look at the Association’s proceedings and actions and make recommendations to be implemented by the Association at the annual session of the Association.

4. Budget Committee: It shall be the responsibility of this committee to prepare an annual budget for the Association and all of its Auxiliaries, and to present proposed budget to the Association for approval and implementation at the Annual session of the Association.

5. Necrology Committee: The responsibility of this committee is to compile the names of deceased members submitted from each church between sessions and report all given names at the annual session.

6. State of Country Committee: This committee shall make the Association aware of key issues of our times and propose a plan of action that the Association may undertake. This information shall be reported at the annual session of the ssociation and forwarded to the media as approved by the Association.

7. Hospitality Committee: This committee shall aid and assist host churches in their efforts of hospitality given towards the Association and its efforts, and recommend appropriate actions to the Association in session for the actions of host church.



Parliamentary Rules

The meetings of the Association and all other Auxiliaries shall be conducted in accordance with

“Roberts Rules of Order, Revised (Model for conducting Business).




(a) Upon the dissolution of the Church, the Board of Directors shall, after the payment of all the liabilities of the Church, dispose of all of the assets of the Church exclusively for the purposes of the Church in such manner, or to such organization or organizations organized and operated

exclusively for the purposes of the Church for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes as shall qualify as an exempt corporation or organizations under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of' 1986, as amended (or of the corresponding provisions of any future United States Revenue Law) as the Board of Directors shall determine.

(b) No part of the net earnings of the Church shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to, its members, officers, Directors, or any person except that the Church shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered, and to make payments in the furtherance of the Church. Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Articles of Incorporation or these Bylaws of the Church, the Church shall not carry on any activity not permitted to be carried on", (a) by a corporation exempt from Federal Income Tax, under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, (or by the corresponding section of any future Revenue Code of the United States of America) or (b) by a corporation, contributions of which are deductible under Section 170 (c) (2), of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (or the corresponding section of any future United States Revenue Law).




These By-laws may be amended by written recommendation presented at the Mid-Year or Annual Session and then voted and approved by the majority at the next Mid-Year or Annual Session.

Constitution and Bylaws


Revised & Adopted August, 2002 

Amended August 20, 2011 ~ Amended March 24, 2012 ~ Amended  & Adopted March 23, 2019



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