Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

       Standing Firm On The Eternal Word Of God In Shifting Times (Isaiah 40:8)     


The Auxiliaries are a major thread of the fabric of the Association and have a significant role in the Christian educational programs for their groups.  The Auxiliaries have the additional focus, in their area of expertise, of supporting the Member churches with related initiatives. 

Congress of Christian Education 

Associate Ministers

Laymen's League

Prison Ministry




  • The Ushers serve as the coordinating body for Usher Board Auxiliaries of member churches, providing support and training for and  during special programs hosted by the Association and by individual churches. This Body  coordinates to completion all activities associated with the:
    • Annual Usher's Essay Scholarship Awards
    • Annual One-day Session held the first Saturday in May 
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  • The Administrative classes review, retarget and optimize best support practices, communication strategies, databases, and procedures that directly support and have impact on the background administrative tasks supporting the Church. 
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  • The Union Auxiliary, through muti-layered class programming, community speakers, and subject matter experts, helps to better acquaint ministers, deacons and other Association members with the Christian way of life and Baptist doctrine.

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  • The Prison Ministry educates, trains and brings awareness about crime and incarceration issues to the churches in the Association.  This ministry reaches out to lives impacted by crime and incarceration by training ministers to serve as chaplains/pastors in a jail or prision setting.

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  • The League cultivates a program study, through Biblical precepts, principles, teaching and training, for men of all ages.

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  • The Associate Minister studies focuses on biblical and theological concepts and topics.  In this shared platform, attendees experience a unique faith-based learning approach to leadership and best practices.

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  • The Congress serves as a coordinating body to promote spiritual growth, inspire Bible teaching and church training.  The Congress coordinates to completion all activities associated with the:

    • J. F. Wertz Oratorical Program -  




    • Annual National Day of Prayer

    • Black History ProgramView Program and Meeting Dates. 



Woman's Auxiliary

  • The Woman's Auxiliary aids the Association in the extension of Christ's Kingdom by promoting the lessons of Christ in a collaborative platform.  This platform serves as an integral connection to women of all ages. 
  • The Auxiliary meets annually on the third Sunday in May.
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Youth Auxiliary

  • The Youth Auxiliary offers a diverse group of classes, in an exciting, interactive platform,  promoting the teachings of Christ and the importance and comfort faith has in their daily lives.  
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