Our Associate Churches - (A - N)
Our Associate Churches - (O - Z)

Wake Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

       Standing Firm On The Eternal Word Of God In Shifting Times (Isaiah 40:8)     


          Reverend Dr. Bankole Akinbinu, Pastor

          Reverend Walter Dozier, Pastor

          Reverend Keith A. Darlington, Pastor 

          Reverend James T. Burgess, Pastor

         Reverend T. L. Carmichael, Sr., Pastor

         Reverend Dr. G. A. Jones, Pastor

  • First Baptist Church - Franklinton

          Reverend Andre Johnson, Pastor

         Reverend Dr. Reginald U. Lowery, Pastor

  • First Baptist Church - Holly Springs

          Reverend Michael Rogers, Pastor

         Vacant, Pastor

  • First Baptist Church - Zebulon

          Reverend Stanley Dickens, Pastor

          Reverend Dr. Dorwin L. Howard, Sr., Pastor 

          Reverend Dr. Enoch Holloway, Pastor

Reverend Dr. John L.Thatch, Pastor

  • In The Beginning Missionary Baptist Church

          Reverend Gwendolyn Horton, Pastor

          Reverend Jeffrey B. Robinson, Pastor

         Reverend Anthony F. Eaton, Pastor

  • Loving Word Missionary Baptist Church

         Reverend Joyce Pulley-Hinton, Pastor

          Reverend Charles Dent, Pastor 

         Reverend James S.Utley, Pastor

         Reverend Dr. Shawn J. Singleton, Pastor

          Reverend Vernis Wright, Pastor

          Reverend Dr.  Anthony W Bailey, Pastor

          Reverend Dr. Anthony Hinton, Pastor

          Reverend Michael L. Eley, Sr., Pastor 

         Reverend Dr. Nathaniel Wood, Pastor

         Reverend Alvin D. Thompson, Sr., Pastor

         Reverend Erick A. Brinkley, Pastor

Association Directory

          Reverend Dr. William T. Newkirk, Sr., Pastor

  • Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church

          Reverend  Jahmar S. Cobb, Pastor

         Reverend Barry L. Young, Pastor

          Reverend Larry Wilder, Pastor

  • Patricia Memorial Missionary Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. William M. Patray, Sr., Pastor

         Reverend Steve Thomas, Pastor

         Reverend Asa L. Bell, Jr., Pastor

  • Progressive Missionary Baptist Church

          Reverend Robert Walker-Smith, Pastor

          Reverend Mark T. Gibson, Pastor 

          Reverend Keith R. Hicks, Pastor

          Reverend Dr. A. W. Fullwood. Pastor

          Reverend Dr. Marvin Connelly, Pastor



           Reverend Dr. Kevin D. Sturdivant, Pastor

          Reverend Paul L. Anderson, Pastor

          Reverend Dr. H.C. Miller, Pastor

          Reverend James E. Clanton, Jr., Pastor

          Reverend Israel Stacker, Pastor

          Reverend Dr. Harry L. White, Jr., Pastor

  • Wendell First Baptist Church    

           Reverend Dr. Tony Baldwin, Pastor

          Reverend Kirby Jones, Pastor

          Reverend Curtis J. Perry,  Pastor

This is a directory of our member churches and we invite you to visit their sites to learn more about their worship services and their efforts and work in local, national and inter-national communities. 


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